Root Flow dba Wow Product Sales

Founder, Dave Allen’s roots began back in 1999 when he was a partner in a small manufacturing company. They produced mesh cylinders that channeled water, oxygen and nutrients into the ground around trees. Always preoccupied with a need to know how things work and what improvements could be made, Dave worked with researchers at Davey Tree Company (one of the oldest and largest tree care companies in the world). There they field tested what impact if any mesh tubes, or more specifically channeling water, oxygen and nutrients around the rootball, had in the establishment of newly planted trees. The measured results were nothing short of significant. A few years later models were designed to connect into high pressure irrigation systems which to this day are sold through name brand manufactures.


Around 2004 Dave branched off and formed Wow Product Sales, LLC which is owned by his wife Pattie. The company continues to design innovative consumer products, including six as seen on TV products.


In 2007 Dave established Wow Plastics, a plastic injection mold company in Howell, MI. with six presses. In 2009 Wow Plastics purchased a larger automotive injection mold plant in Caro MI. The plant continues to grow with 21 large tonnage presses.


In 2017 Wow Product Sales designed a line of innovative landscape water conservation products sold under the Root Flow brand name.


As a Made in the USA manufacturer we build products around proven concepts with best practices. We are excited and proud to be contributors to the evolving Green Industry.

David Allen


Root Flow dba Wow Product Sales